Atmospheric Ice Skaters

A wonderful twist to any event or event theme. Our atmo skaters come with a custom synthetic ice surface as well as extravagant costumes.

Ice Skating Production Shows

Looking for a longer length show? Look no further! Our custom ice shows can be placed virtually anywhere on our wonderful synthetic ice stage.

Land Skaters

Our professionally trained ice skaters meet land in our one-of-a-kind figure skates with wheels. They can blade virtually anywhere; carpet to concrete!

LED Instrumentalists

Time to upgrade your bands! Our amazing LED instrumentalists range from drummers to violinists- all professionally trained!

Fire Acts!

Heat up the night with one of our many fire act offerings! Fire breathing, fire poi, fire juggling, and fire diablo to name a few!

Cirque Performers

Our Cirque Performers out-balance any around! From contortionists to aerialists- your audience will be blown away!

Break Dancers

Wether you're looking for one break dancer or an an entire crew; we have them all- some even seen on America's Got Talent!

Custom Stage Shows

Grab the attention of your audience with a custom stage show. Featuring singers, dancers, and actors from all over the world.

LED Performers

Light up the night with our talented LED performers. From LED Poi and LED Staff twirlers to LED Orbiters- we have all the new stuff!

Ballroom Dancers

Wow your guests with our professional ballroom dancers! We will customize a dance just for you.

BMX Stunt Performers

Wether its regular BMX stunts or LED wheelies; we guarantee your guests will be on the edge of their seat!

Prima Ballerinas

Have you ever imagined whimsical ballerinas spinning around your event? This spellbinding performance will create memories to last a lifetime!

Glow Characters

NEW for 2018! Our glow characters will dance the night away with our beautiful ultra violet ray adaptable costumes and creations!

Go Go Dancers

Club it up with our custom dressed go go dancers. No theme is too much for us to create! Males and females available!

Magic Illusionists

Watch as our magician appears from a glass box, or simply entertains your guests with up close and personal magic tricks!

Brand Models

Have our models rock your brand logo and serve drinks to hand out collateral to your guests!

Arabian Nights

Our strolling Arabian nights performers bring another level of strolling entertainment! From belly dancing to meet & greets; you will be sure to be blown away!

Princes & Princesses

Our strolling princes and princesses are great for any event. They are guaranteed to stay in character and play the part at all times!

Nature Characters

Have our all leaf nature characters stroll your event. We also can provide them on stilts and serving champagne through our leaf wall!


Our swashbuckling pirates are a great add to any event. Comedic, and dramatic- they are sure to turn heads!

Living Mermaids

Have our mermaids swim and or relax dockside and meet & greet your guests while sharing tales of the ocean!

Ice Queen

Freeze over your event with our strolling extravagant ice queen!

Thai Dancers

Bring Thailand to your event! Our dancers dance the customary Thai dances as well are completely costumes with Taiwanese outfits!

Body Artists

Have our body paint artists glow the night away with their amazing artistry. Any and all themes available!